The founder of Riyan Organics


Muna Magan is a Somali-Swedish national with roots going back to East Africa. She is a highly qualified and experienced businesswoman, she has 10 year's worth of experience in both the European and International Markets. She has a Bachelors’ Degree in Human Nutrition and Bio Medical Science from the University of Westminster. She also has an MBA specialising in Investment and Securities.

In 2014 Muna made a trip to Somaliland to see her Mother and it was during this trip that she decided she wanted to be involved in something she was passionate about while changing the world in the process. Muna is no ordinary businesswoman! She is a Woman, She is a Mother, She is a Wife, She is Swedish, She is African but most important of all she is a Visionary that wants to make a difference!

Warm Regards

Muna Magan